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With ZipTitan you will receive leads with high intent to buy or sell. Plus, our smart technology will learn from your leads' daily interactions to self-improve and get you more of the results that matter to your business.

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Every year, more than 5 MILLION homeowners look for their home value online, and over 70% of them will sign a listing agreement with the first agent they meet. How do you feel about getting a few more listings in the next few months?

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Pre-qualified Buyer Leads

We create real estate Facebook ads that generate leads with verified contact details. Save time and effort, and leverage your lead generation to marketing professionals. We carefully review every campaign to target buyers that would be worth your time.

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Lead follow up on autopilot

We offer a high-converting, copywriter-quality real estate sales funnel system exclusively for those who want to convert more leads into clients, build their database and stay in constant contact with their database.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Seller Leads:

We use over 200+ landing pages to capture seller leads. Our professional marketing team run  ads in Google to target the highest quality of seller leads. We are continuously testing forms, copywriting, and targeting to ensure the highest possible amount of pre-qualified leads. Our ads campaigns are set up by professionals and will vary month-to-month in order to drive the best results.

Buyer Leads:

We partnered with Meta’s Ad Specialists to run ads and bring qualified traffic to our landing pages, where we capture their home search criteria and contact info and help you connect with them. We also use retargeting ads to identify and analyze consumer behavior to reach potential clients.

When you click on a zip code and move the slider, we do a real-time request to Google or Meta asking for a full-year traffic forecast, where we ask how many ad impressions and clicks we can get at a given budget. Those numbers are divided by 12, and we get a monthly traffic estimate. Then, we need to check the conversion rate from other agents currently using the platform in your area to determine what percentage of the clicks that you receive could potentially turn into a lead.

The number of leads is being estimated on a monthly basis but based on a yearly forecast, because there is a natural lead fluctuation based on a variety of factors — seasonal trends, over saturation, or competition from other advertisers (even non-real estate related). This fluctuation may cause in some areas that one month you could receive 50% of the estimated number and next month 150%.

**We recently launched Buyer Leads, and the system is still in early stages. We will improve the accuracy of our estimates when more agents sign in and more traffic data is gathered.

Yes! Your buyer and seller leads are totally yours. We will never give the same lead to more than one agent or brokerage. Even if they decide to fill another property address outside your farming area.

However, we are not the only lead provider out there, we recommend you to follow up promptly with your leads, or they’ll try to find another agent elsewhere.

We send you leads by SMS and email, make sure you fill them correctly in your profile. 

You can also access your leads from your Dashboard

Not at all, our goal is to get you as many leads as we can for the lowest cost per lead. We do not cut you off at any specific number, since it’s part of our goal to get you as many as we can. 80% of our zip codes are reporting 10-15% more leads than estimated.

Following a number of recent discrimination charges from HUD and others, Google and Meta have implemented changes to their advertising policies. The new ad policy removes targeting by age, gender, or zip code in housing ads and applies to advertisers targeting U.S. users. We will still target a region of your choice using our industry-leading ad practices, but can no longer target by individual zip code. Introduced on October 2020.

In order to overcome these regulations, we will target a circle that covers the zip code entirely. Google’s location target is limited to a 1-mile radius or more. In Meta’s case (Buyer Leads) we must target a minimum radius of 15 miles from the center of your zip code.

This may cause that you receive leads from surrounding zip codes.

We will never force you into a contract, we want you to be in control of your finances and be able to cancel whenever you want.

You can cancel your zip code subscription from your dashboard.

No signatures! No questions asked!


Seller lead addresses are matched with MLS records. We count it as a LEAD CLOSED if the following parameters are fulfilled:

1. Sold date is at least 1 month AFTER the lead was generated.

2. Listing agent on record matches the agent who received the lead.

ROI is calculated by using an average commission rate of 2.5% of SOLD price, as well as total amount spent by agent.

ROI = Profits / Investment

** Buyer leads are a relatively new product and are difficult to track because they are not linked to any property data source that we integrate with. We instead survey active agents and ask for their ROI. As soon as we have more verifiable data, we will update ROI measurements for buyer leads.

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stay connected, increase productivity

We have integrations with the tools you love!

ZipTitan sends your leads to your web apps automatically, so you can focus on converting.

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