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How to get clients as a real estate agent

It is a well known fact that after a few years in the real estate business, the majority of Real Estate agents fail to come up with creative ideas to find clients. The surest way to fail in this industry is to sit back and wait for leads to come by. If you are struggling to get your business to the next level, here are some tips that may well set you on your way to success.

As the population increases, so does the demand for housing and accommodations, this causes the amount of buyers and sellers to increase on the market. When it comes to capitalizing on this increasing flow of business, it is important to generate leads and expand your sphere of influence. Clients are the life of a Real Estate business. To capture the attention of more Real Estate clients, you will need to do marketing. So, how does Real Estate agents get clients? Keep reading to find out about the top 6 most effective ways to get listings.

1. Advertising (eg. Paid Leads).

The more listings you have, the more your brand gets known. The more your brand gets known, the more listings you will get, Real Estate agents, profit from this cycle. The main issue here is how do you get yourself into this cycle in the first place? Internet, is the answer. There are a lot of services that will run advertising for you and expose your brand. Here are the two most used ones, in accordance with agent performance.




The ZipTitan Team will stay mind focused on  building brand awareness for you with home sellers in your local market through Google Ads. Not only do they consistently expose your brand, they also capture potential clients for you and send you their information. Serving hundreds of thousands of local, national and enterprise customers through direct and indirect channels, ZipTitan increases visibility and over time the reach of your business.

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2. Sphere of Influence.

Your Sphere of Influence, another fundamental method for you to find clients. Acknowledged by agents for having a high rate of success when. What is it, and how does it work?

Let us think of your Sphere of influence as the people that surround you, family, friends, people in your community or your volunteer group, to put it simply, the people you are acquainted and have a close connection with. When they need help when buying or selling their home, this connection will increase the likelihood of them hiring you as their agent.

The best way to get the most out of your sphere is to get yourself out there. Let them know you are in the real estate business, whether it is handing your card at community events or hosting one of your own. When an acquaintance  hears the line of work you are in they will let you know when they want to sell their house and buy a new one.

3. Ask for Referrals.

Asking current or past clients for referrals is a great way to get new business. If you want to go this way, make sure you motivate those that refer you just by offering a reward.

Of course, referrals will not come in right away, you must keep in touch with your past clients. Follow them on social media and keep them on your email list. Make sure to check in on them every once in a while, it might surprise you how much business you can generate using this method.

4.  Always check for FSBO’s (For Sale By Owners)  and Open Houses.

You should always be on the lookout for FSBO’s. The significant thing about these listings is that they are put by the homeowners and not their representatives. These sellers which have put up their home for sale represent a potential client whom you will have to get in touch with and convince that they will be better off with you as their real estate agent and in term get a better deal for their property.


Another great alternative to attract  new clients is open houses. By visiting open houses and getting  the contact information of visitors or handing over your own, you are already creating  more opportunities, even if they are not interested in buying at the time. When they are, you will be just a phone call away.

5. Use Social Networking.

Apart from word-of-mouth, real estate agents should also utilize the full potential of the social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Using social media, realtors can make a positive impression on clients. It is the most helpful online marketing strategy because the information is coming straight from the trusted sources. With social media, realtors can easily connect with prospective clients through blogs, webinars, etc.
These tips on how to find clients as a real estate agent make realtors better equipped. However, being a realtor, it is important to answer all the queries of your real estate clients. To attain more success, real estate agents should take note that effective online marketing is very essential. Marketing is incomplete without proper engagement. 


6. Create a state-of-the-art Website.

 Creating a Real Estate website with your information and any listings you may already have, is an opportunity not only to close on your existing deals but to advertise your property buying and selling services to potential clients on the market. Most websites will have a lead capture form to organically generate leads from interested visitors. You can also go beyond and incorporate a blog feature where you answer all sorts of questions and provide links to useful resources. By promoting yourself as a knowledgeable agent you will see an incresed flow of clients.


Bottom Line

Learning how to get more clients is a process, and not every tactic you try will work right away. It takes time to build a strong business, so make sure that you stay consistent and patient with your marketing strategy. There are a lot more ways Real Estate agents can get new clients. However, your best options will depend on the budget you employ and the time you are willing to spend on nurturing and following up on the leads you receive. Just by investing a little time and effort, you will see how your Real Estate business will pick up.

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